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Bunny Offerings

from the pen of DQBunny

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The fanfiction journal for dqbunny.

bunnyofferings is set up as a community so I can post fanfiction easier. It will be straight fanfiction with the occassional post on fic status or research needs.

Blanket disclaimer: None of these characters I write about belong to me, but belong to their respective authors and the companies that represent those authors. Note: Despite what FF.net says, Nora Roberts (aka J.D. Robb) does allow fanfiction of her characters to be written. A statement clarifying her stance on fanfiction can be found here.

I am associated with several splendid and talented writers. Sister communities include:

quillofferings - run by aishuu
lapisofferings - run by lazzchan
cosmic_dare - run by haro