Megs (dqbunny) wrote in bunnyofferings,

One (1/1)

Rating: T
Characters: Amy, Rory, River, the Doctor and Oswin (see note)
Word Count: 5,333
Note: This contains major spoilers for “Asylum of the Daleks.” As for Oswin, we’re still not sure if the Oswin introduced at Christmas is some earlier version of Oswin Oswald or an ancestor named Clara Oswin. So, I’m hitting middle ground and having the Doctor and River just address her as Oswin, covering first or last name.

Summary: This was something River Song couldn’t change. She and the Doctor had researched and, cajoled specialists and did everything they could to change Amy and Rory’s future. But to do so, it meant they would have to go so far back into Amy’s timeline that it most likely would affect River’s existence. They would always just have one daughter.

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