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Welcome and master list

Welcome to bunnyofferings, the writing journal for dqbunny.

This writing journal primarily focuses on the Slayers, Harry Potter and In Death fandoms along with some others. Joining this community isn't necessary except if you want access to higher-rated stories that are friend-locked for age reasons. If you don't wish access to the higher-rated material, simply just watch the community instead of joining it.

The master list of stories is under the cut and is updated constantly.

Updated: August 15, 2010

Harry Potter | In Death | Inuyasha | Mary Russell | Ranma 1/2 | Sailor Moon | Spice and Wolf | Tales of Symphonia

Harry Potter
"Open at the Close"
Harry kept his eyes locked on the Golden Snitch, praying it would get into the right hands. For once it did and the Snitch revealed its secrets, his life would change forever.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione | post-DH | Rating: PG-13

"The Lost Child": Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4
Barely two weeks out of Auror training, Ginny Weasley becomes part of the newly created Department of Unexplained Deaths, the Wizarding World's equivalent of a Muggle homicide unit. The department is considered a joke, but when a series of child murders coincides with the breakout of Bellatrix Lestrange from Azkaban, Ginny finds that her role in a post-Voldemort world might be substantial after all.
Status: Incomplete | Multi-chaptered | Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Lupin/Tonks | post-HBP/AU | Rating: R

"Tongues Wagging"
Sirius decides to take the mickey out of Lily's uptight sister. This story was inspired by tailoredshirt's Big Black Dog.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Characters: Sirius and Petunia | MWPP | Rating: PG

In Death
"Double Templars"
You say medieval warriors, I say punk rock band.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Characters: Eve, Peabody, and McNab | Rating: PG-13

"Flights of Fancy"
So, what happens when you arm Peabody with a book of poetry? Well...
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Characters: Eve and Peabody, slight Eve/Roarke | Rating: PG

"It's Not Lying When You're Discreet"
There's the law. Then, there's Roarke.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Eve/Roarke | set between Glory and Immortal | Rating: G

"The Great Conspiracy"
Never mess with a lieutenant and her candy bars.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Eve/Roarke | set between Memory and Born | Rating: PG-13

A Mischievous Kiss
Midnight musings over the two women in his life lead Inuyasha to do something he's never quite done before.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome | Manga canon | Rating: PG-13

A Walk With Fire
Kagome never imagined that another could do a time slip the same way she did. But, when she's asked to help a sick man in another village, she learns that she isn't alone in the past
Status: Complete | Multi-Chaptered | Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome | Manga canon, crossover with "The Firetripper" | Rating: G

Just a Rosary
Kagome and Inuyasha realize that the rosary placed on him at the beginning of their adventures has become more than a subduing spell.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome | Manga canon | Rating: PG

A cultural misunderstanding and a bit of teasing goes a bit too far for Inuyasha and Kagome.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome | Anime canon | Rating: PG

Rumors, Lies and Other Weird Things on an EyeMac
Curiousity can kill the cat...or drive Kagome to seek out knowledge on the Internet about certain things regarding the youkai world she'd never known. But you're not suppose to believe everything that you read ... right?
Status: Complete | One-shot | Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome | Manga canon | Rating: PG-13

"Shikon no Go: A Fanfic in 100 Chapters"
A collection of short stories giving a deeper insight the Inuyasha characters ranging from childhood to the future. Mainly centers on Inuyasha and Kagome, but will involve the entire cast.
Status: Incomplete | Multi-chaptered | Pairings: Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango | Manga and anime canon | Rating: PG-13

"The Visitor"
Kagome's mother is hesitant to notify the police when her daughter suddenly turns up missing. But she gets a midnight visitor letting her know that everything is going to be all right.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Manga canon | Rating: G

Mary Russell
"Final Request"
Whatever you do, don't name your offspring after me, Mycroft begged.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Russell/Holmes | post-Locked Rooms | Rating: G

"Is it Nine or 10?"
Of snortworthy statements and the difference between nine and 10.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Russell/Holmes | during Locked Rooms | Rating: G

"Lessons Learned"
Along with the dismay came the incredible sense of pride that my pupil, now my partner and wife, had learned her lessons well.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Russell/Holmes | during The Game | Rating: G

"Turning the Tables"
Russell often grumbled that Holmes acted like a willful child at times.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Russell/Holmes | during The Beekeeper's Apprentice and after A Monstrous Regiment of Women | Rating: G

Ranma 1/2
"Changing Times"
Ranma wondered why they were paying more than 22,000 yen for a such a small, odd-looking device.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Ranma/Akane | Post-Series | Rating: G

"Just a Glimpse"
Akane considered herself to be a normal teenager despite her family's odd living situation.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Ranma/Akane | Post-Series | Rating: G

Sailor Moon
"The End of Time"
As the universe draws its last breath, Sailor Cosmos reflects on what has been and what her future could be.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: slight Usagi/Mamoru | Post-Series | Rating: R

Spice and Wolf
"Look Not Unto the Past"
During a restless night, it suddenly occurs to Lawrence just how much of history Horo has witnessed.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Characters: Horo and Lawrence | Post-Season 1 | Rating: G

Tales of Symphonia
It wasn't Kratos's responsibility to make sure that her birthday was celebrated. But, upon learning what day it was, he felt that it was his duty to make sure that it didn't pass unnoticed - and in the process receives an unexpected gift himself.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Kratos/Anna | pre-game | Rating: PG

Once a year, they would allow themselves to grieve -- to go out into the night and long for the taste and feel of each other. It's been 13 years. The pain hasn't lessened. Neither has the devotion.
Status: Complete | One-Shot | Pairing: Kratos/Anna | pre-game AU | Rating: G
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